Posted by: Fabrice Holzer | April 25, 2011

Results-Based Management for Nonprofit Organizations: From Strategy to Workplans

The above statement ”From Strategy to Workplans” sounds simpler as it often is! We are well aware of this, however we believe, that we can help you getting on the way! We would like to invite you to take part in a set of exclusive roundtable events, where we will show you how and with which solutions we can help you.

  • Do you rely upon a unified management and decision-making system?
  • How well are your programs and budgets aligned with your organization’s strategic objectives?
  • How well do users identify and track the outcomes and targets of their programs according to the strategic objectives?
  • Can stakeholders easily see the actual progress vs. planned?
  • How easily do your operations adapt to changes in the strategic framework?

HOLZER & Associates Ltd is able to show you how combining the right management approaches with the right software solutions will ensure a trustworthy management system. Contact us and learn about a real example of a best-in-class Results-Based Management initiative for a nonprofit organization. |
EMEA +41 78 772 64 54 (CH)
US +1 347 474 02 04 (NYC)

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