Posted by: Fabrice Holzer | April 25, 2011

Keystone of performance management

Usually senior executives look at a combination of organic growth, complemented with elaborate models that tie together revenue forecasts from new product launches, international expansion, acquisitions, business development and more. But is this really the way that fast-growing companies do it?

No they don’t. The fastest-growing companies do not rely on the voodoo of untested new products, opening an outpost in China, or doing “an accretive” acquisition. Their “magic formula” is that they have built a “science of growth” by running a high- corporate performance sales and marketing engine using historical endogenous and exogenous data to drive decision-making. The fastest growing companies in their sectors systematically create demand, predictably close revenue, and precisely understand the business impact of every sales and marketing decision – all from a powerful technology backbone that includes marketing and sales force automation and analysis.

Managers at the fastest-growing companies insist on seeing a single view of the demand chain – from first contact to close – and make intelligent, evidence-based decisions about where to allocate resources to stimulate measurable and sustainable revenue growth.

This is the keystone of performance management.

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